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Is It Better To Have Tile Or Vinyl Flooring?

Close-up Of A Vinyl Flooring

Is It Better To Have Tile Or Vinyl Flooring?

Flooring is a pivotal decision when it comes to both the finish of your interior design and its functionality. You need something that adds to the atmosphere of the room but also will withstand the constant wear and tear of daily use. To help you decide between tile and vinyl flooring, we have compiled some of the key comparisons between the two. Read on to find out more.


When it comes to flooring, you are likely going to want something durable which can withstand lots of wear and tear for a long period of time. Vinyl is fairly strong and could last you around a decade, but ceramic tiles can last for an impressive 40 years, making tile the clear favourite in terms of functionality. It’s also more resistant to small damage like scratches.

Water Resistance

Both vinyl and tile flooring are resistant to water and can be used in kitchens or bathrooms without concern, so they’re pretty equal on this front. However, if they are installed incorrectly, you will start to see problems, so make sure you hire a professional to lay the flooring for you if you aren’t sure how to do it correctly.


In terms of maintenance, vinyl has the upper hand as it’s simple to brush and mop. Tiles, on the other hand, may require scrubbing to keep the grout clean, meaning more effort for you.


Both kinds of flooring are fairly hard, but between the two, vinyl is slightly more relenting underfoot. Tile can also be colder to the touch, making it uncomfortable to walk on in cooler temperatures. If this is important to you, vinyl might be the better option to choose.


If you’re still struggling to decide, cost could be the factor that helps you to make up your mind. Vinyl is generally cheaper than tiles, plus it’s easier to install, so if you are working with a tight budget, vinyl is the way to go.

Now you have all the facts and have decided which option is best for you, it’s time to choose your favourite style. Head to Lynda’s Tiles In Style to find your ideal vinyl or tiles. Make sure to get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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