Floor Tiles Bundaberg | Lynda's Tiles in Style
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Floor Tiles Bundaberg

Beautiful flooring for beautiful homes

Bundaberg’s most unique range of tiles await you at Lynda’s Tiles in Style.

Our showroom is home to a stand-out selection of floor and wall tiles, hand picked to suit all types of rooms and properties. From natural, to bold mosaic and textured patterns, you will find the perfect tiles to suit your interior requirements.

Want to renovate your old Queenslander into a 5-star abode? We suggest you start with your surfaces! Flooring is often overlooked when it comes to updating your property’s interior, when in fact it’s the most important feature of any room. Tiles fulfils two roles, it provides a hard wearing, easy to clean surface and are a highly distinctive form of decoration. There is a ceramic tile for practically every environment. Come in and chat to our experienced style consultants for specialist advice regarding the latest colours and trends.

Our tiles are perfect for all types of applications, including:

  • Residential flooring
  • Commercial spaces
  • Feature walls
  • Outdoor areas
  • Bathrooms & wet rooms
  • Kitchen splashbacks

At Lynda’s Tiles in Style, we believe every aspect of your property should resonate with your individual taste—right down to your floors. Our Bundaberg tile shop has regularly updated collections to ensure you always invest in a design that matches your unique style.

Embrace a simplistic aesthetic that never goes out of fashion—call, email or visit our team to arrange your first tile appointment today.

Outdoor Wall Tiles in a Courtyard